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Caregiving Courses & Workshops for MDWs in Singapore


We are one of the very few agencies appointed by AIC to facilitate MDWs to attend a 2-part training under the Eldercare MDW Scheme:

1.Classroom Training - Before Employment(2days) and
2.Home Based OJT - After Employment(3hrs)

As an appointed agency, we can assist employers to register and apply a government grant ($200/yr) to cover part of the training course.

The Eldercare Foreign Domestic Worker Scheme enables employers to hire a pre-trained MDW who has undergone comprehensive training in eldercare. This ensures the MDW is equipped with the basic skills to care for their loved ones.

Training Topic Includes:

* Monitoring of vital signs
* Manage senior-related chronic conditions
* Communicating with seniors
* Assisting with personal care
* Helping with daily activities
* Administering Basic First Aid

For more information, please contact our placement staff at 6345 9940 or email us at