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Passport Application Information

Name of applicant:
Gender / Kasarian:
Date of Birth / Petsa ng Kapanganakan:
Place of Birth / Pook ng Kapanganakan :
Civil Status / Katayuan Sibil :
Spouse's Citizenship:
Address in Singapore : Postal Code:
Father's Name:
Father's Citizenship:
Mother's Maiden name:
Mother's Citizenship:
Filipino Citizenship acquired through / Naging Pilipino dahil :
Immigration Status in Singapore / Klase ng IC:
Current Passport: Date of Issue:
Place of Issue:
Is This Application For The Replacement Of A Lost Passport?
If yes, Attach Your Affidavit of Lost Passport.
Do You Hold A Passport Issued By Another Country?
If Yes, Which Country Issued It?
I swear under oath that all of the information are truthful, complete and correct, and that all of my documents are authentic and valid.
I am aware that I can hold only one Philippine passport at a time and that making false statements and providing falsified or forged documents are punishable by law.
Applicant’s Signature over Printed Name (Parent’s signature if Applicant is age 13 years or younger
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