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10 of 18 new community COVID-19 cases linked to Bukit Merah View market cluster

Date: 14 Jun, 2021

SINGAPORE: More than half of the 18 new community COVID-19 cases reported in Singapore on Monday (Jun 14) are linked to a cluster at 115 Bukit Merah View market and food centre.

In its evening update, the Ministry of Health (MOH) reported ten infections linked to the cluster, including two food stall vendors, a cooking assistant and a general worker at a food stall. The other six cases linked to the Bukit Merah market cluster are: An IT engineer at IBM (Changi Business Park Central 1), a student at ITE College Central, an unemployed woman, two retirees and a hawker at Telok Blangah Drive Food Centre.

A total of 16 confirmed cases are now linked to the cluster at Bukit Merah View market.

The market has been closed since Sunday and will remain so until Tuesday to facilitate deep cleaning and to break potential transmission chains.

**CASE 64184 CLUSTER**

Six other community cases were linked to Case 64184, a male engineer who works at Ecoxplore.

These include three cleaners who work at Ascent (Science Park Drive), Eunike Living and Emerald Park condominium.

The other three community cases linked to Case 64184 are a student at Amity Global Institute, an analyst at Pinnacle Credit Services and a foreign domestic worker.

The total of 18 new community cases reported on Monday is the highest daily number of locally transmitted infections reported in Singapore since Jun 3, when 35 community cases were reported.

One case was reported in a migrant workers' dormitory, a 26-year-old Indian man who works as an electrician at GT ENGRG. He lives at Westlite Juniper at 23 Mandai Estate.

The sole dormitory case is also a close contact of Case 64184.


After reporting two unlinked cases in its preliminary update, MOH revised the number to one following epidemiological investigations. The remaining 18 locally transmitted infections are linked to previous cases.

The sole unlinked case is a cleaner at 375 and 376 Clementi Avenue 4, a 79-year-old Singaporean man who is employed by AO ServicePro.

There were also six imported cases, all of which had been placed on stay-home notice upon their arrival in Singapore. Three were returning Singaporeans or permanent residents.

In all, Singapore reported 25 new COVID-19 infections on Monday.

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